cmotion zoom controls

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cmotion`s pan-bar zoom and steady zoom

What's the difference?

pan-bar zoom

small and versatile

The cvolution pan-bar zoom is small and versatile motor controller.  This smart control unit offers the same ergonomic and functional control layout as the cvolution zoom, but is equipped with a ‘built-in’ czoom-clamp allowing the zoom unit to be mounted on any 15mm – 32mm rod, ideal for pan-bars and gimbals.

centered on the pan-bar

The pan bar zoom is designed to be mounted in a centered position above any pan-bar for an easy access to the zoom control. The 2 user buttons can be assigned to camera start/stop, marker recall, ZAP (zoom as fast as possible) or lens limits.

zoom control for the LBUS world

The built-in LBUS connector not only provides connection to any cvolution camin, but also direct connection with cmotion’s cforce motor to create a unique and streamlined stand alone motor control solution. The pan-bar zoom is compatible with cforce motors, cvolution camin 3M, ARRI Alexa Plus, Alexa Mini, UMC-4, AMC-1, SMC-1 and EMC-1.

steady zoom

smart designed clamp

A clever designed mounting bracket lets you adjust the steady zoom within 3 axis and. The clamp can be mounted on to any rod from 15 to 32mm.  


sensitive when you need it

A sensitivity regulation lets you adjust the force you can apply to the force sensitive joystick to guarantee, that you only zoom, when you really want to.

all functions at your fingertip

With two additional buttons on the underside of the clamp, the steady zoom offers up to 4 userbuttons which can be assigned to camera start/stop, marker recall, ZAP (zoom as fast as possible) or lens limits.  

classic zoom control - but what else?

Going wireless:

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If you need a wireless zoom, simply connect the zoom unit to a cPRO camin (in client mode), add some power to it and connect the cPRO camin to the cPRO network on the camera side (either cPRO camin in host mode, or a cPRO motor unit).

Find out more about the cPRO camin host and client modes here

Cinefade VariND control:

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The latest software of the steady and pan-bar zoom, allows a sleek stand alone control for the Cinefade VariND. This enables either a VariND control or a RotaPola control through the zoom unit.

Find out more about the cmotion Cinefade VariND

Cinefade VariND control - going wireless:

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Users can also combine the wireless option with the Cinefade VariND and have a wireless control over the Cinefade VariND.

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compatibility overview

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