Cinefade VariND  

A novel form of cinematic expression

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A variable ND filter for  professional filmmakers

The cmotion Cinefade VariND is the first easy-to-use, remotely controllable variable ND filter that offers multiple practical and creative applications.

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Vary Depth of field in film


Remotely controlled VariND

Whenever the camera is inaccessible, whether it`s on a crane or on a Steadicam setup the Cinefade VariND allows precise exposure adjustment and enables dynamic exposure control, eg. for interior-to-exterior transition shots without riding the iris and affecting the depth of field. The cmotion cPRO hand unit has four axis to which the VariND can be assigned for remote control. Two buttons on the VariND itself allow the ND value to be adjusted directly in a third of a stop without the need for an LCS.


Odoo CMS - a big picture

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Technical Data


Weight 690g
Power Consumption max. 2-6 A
Power Input 10.5 - 35 V
Operating Temperature -20° C to +50° C
Interfaces 2x Le 4p (LBUS)
Compatible Products cPRO, cPRO one, LMB 4x5, LMB 5, LMB 15, LMB 25
Initial Stop Loss 1.5 stops (ND.4)
Cinefade Range (within an optical safe range) 5 stops
Cinefade Range Max. 8 stops
VariND Range (with optical safe range) ND 0.4 - ND 1.9
RotaPola Max. Rotation 180°

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