cforce motors

May the cforce be with you

With the cforce motors we opened a new gate into the LBUS-galaxy.

cforce motors

2012 cmotion introtuced the first cforce basic motor as part of the compact LCS product line.
Just one year later ARRI and cmotion integrated the concept of the LBUS based motors in to their best selling Alexa Mini camera, and introduced the cforce mini motor. From that day, cmotion and ARRI is pushing the limits and are enhancing the LBUS protocol from day to day, offering new features and compatibilities with this unique daisy-chain concept.

The cforce plus, which was introduced in 2016 offers a super high torque and faster speed, to drive even the stiffest lenses, even in coldest conditions.
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cforce mini

small and effective

total weight
173 g / 6 oz.
rotations per second
3,75 r/s (150 teeths/s)
0.5 Nm
supply voltage
12 - 34 V
power consumption
max. 15 W peak

cforce plus

more power, more speed

total weight
325 g / 11,5 oz.
rotations per second
3,5 r/s (210 teeths/s)
1 Nm
supply voltage
12 - 34 V
power consumption
max. 32 W peak

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LED status indication


Voltage below 10 Volts, motor won`t function
Flashing Red
No LBUS data, i.e. no camin or no other LBUS device present
Flashing Red/Green
No controller assigned to motor
Flashing Yellow/Green
Motor Calibration Request
Flashing Yellow
Motor Calibration in progress
Motor is in calibration timeout state
Flashing Green
Motor in manual mode, i.e. for manual calibration
Motor is ready and calibrated, no warnings