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The cmotion team is an international community of cmotion owner operators.

Join the cteam for free and connect with each other, exchange information and share your experience and achievements through this new and exciting cmotion platform.

  • 10% discount on service and repair

  • exclusive cteam airdrops

  • exclusive give-aways at major trade shows 

  • invitation to focus puller after work events at trade shows 

  • chance for a cmotion pro membership with even more awesome benefits

cteam membership is FREE and open to all cmotion owner operators. Register now to create your personal profile. Once approved, your profile will be presented on the cteam site.

cteam pro members

Let`s push new limits together!

cmotion will also be happy to invite interested members from each region of the cteam community to become pro members. 

Pro members will not only add value to the cteam but also work closely with our product management team to share ideas and give their input for new developments.

As a pro-member, you will have access to cmotion demo equipment, invites to exclusive cmotion events, special service and upgrade offers to ensure your system is always in top condition, and of course discounts and priority delivery on new products.

How to become a pro-member:
We are looking for cmotion owner operators who are not only focused on their job in hand, but would also like to be more active within the cteam and work closer with the product management and marketing team at cmotion. If you want to help grow the cteam community by sharing your experiences through social media, sharing advice and even ideas that could help operators all over the world, we would love to hear from you! Simply email us at sales@cmotion.eu and tell us why you would like to play a bigger part within our growing community.

A little something for non-owners:
If you are regularly working with a cmotion LCS and you want to be a part of the cteam but don't own any cmotion products yet, all is not lost! Please contact sales@cmotion.eu to confirm who you regularly work with or rent your cmotion system from.

cteam rentals

Rental houses, who own cmotion equipment can also join the cteam and will be listed separately form the cteam members. 

Benefits for rental houses:

  • listed rental house with company logo, website link and contact details

  • detailed information on a separate page:

    • short description of the rental house

    • list of cmotion and other rental equipment

    • link to online catalogue or price list

meet the cteam