cteam – content creation incentive

“Likes” don`t pay bills - but your content can. 


Odoo CMS - a big picture

Earn credit notes by becoming a cteam content creator for Instagram. 


Become a cteam content creator for cmotion’s Instagram account and earn credit notes to put towards the latest and greatest products and accessories from cmotion.


How it works: 

Simply email or file share your location photos or short videos of “cmotion in action” and we will issue a €5 credit note for each photo or video we select and post. Quality and creativeness are key.


For example: 

If you send us 30 images and we decide to use 20 of them for our Instagram account, you will receive an instant credit note for 100 EUR. This can be used against something like a new cable or banked and used against a more significant cmotion product or accessory. How cool is that? 

We will of course feature you in the Instagram post and you can let us know who and what should also be #Hashtagged. 


Let your content earn you more than “likes”.


 Share your photos or videos through Wetransfer or dropbox or email direct to clemens.hoenig@cmotion.eu




For future oportunities continue using:

#cmotionlcs #focuspulleratwork