cPRO wins Technical Award in Hollywood

At this year’s Cine Gear Expo, cmotion presented the revolutionary and feature rich cPRO lens control system to the Technical Award Jury at Paramount Studios – Hollywood.

From the initial introduction of cPRO’s unique design concept to the detailed explanation and demonstration of the innovative features, cPRO certainly made a great impression. Although cPRO is packed with innovative technology, the Award Judges were particularly impressed with the hand unit`s ergonomic design and feel, the speed and response of the RF integrated cPRO motor, the perfectly balanced monitor mounting solution, the intuitive thumbwheel for menu navigation and 4th axis motor control and the NEW “panic button” unveiled for the first time at Cine Gear – allowing the focus puller to overrule mechanical hard stops on the fly.

For even lighter applications, the small cPRO camin capable of controlling EF lenses on RED cameras was also highly appreciated by the Jury.

Over-all, the judges where convinced that the well-thought-out cPRO LCS will make a new era of focus pulling more comfortable and efficient. cmotion would like to thank the whole Cine Gear Expo team for organizing the well-attended show.

We are honored that the Jury appreciated our new system and pleased that the new cPRO system has been so well received in Hollywood!

The cPRO system starts shipping from September 2018. New orders will be processed from October 2018.

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