cPRO software release 2.2 and 3.0

What`s cooking? Our software development and product management teams have been very busy working on our biggest cPRO software release to date. Actually, this update is so big, we have split the release into 2 parts: 


  • cPRO software 2.2

Available to download NOW and is compatible with ALL cPRO and cPRO ONE hand units. The new software allows you to import, export and share lens files, assign 6 digital touch buttons through the touch display and offers a brand-new Chinese user interface. 


  • cPRO software 3.0 

Available to download from September and will offer the *advanced camera control for RED and ARRI cameras that you have all been waiting for.  *Separate licence required for each manufacturer.

New features for cPRO software 2.2

cPRO ONE support

cPRO ONE - shipping soon with cPRO software 2.2.

Whether you are using cPRO ONE as a 1 or 2 motor kit, within a cPRO network paired with a cPRO or cPRO ONE hand unit, or independently controlling the VariND/RotaPOLA/Cinefade effect on Cinefade VariND, cPRO ONE has you covered.

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Lens data import/export

Import and export lens files to and from your cPRO or cPRO ONE hand unit.

Use a USB drive to import/export lens files created on your cPRO or cPRO ONE hand unit. Create your own lens database, transfer to multiple hand units, back them up to your PC/Mac, share lens files with others through the focuspulleratwork.com community. 

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6 digital touch buttons

A new sub page on the display, enables 6 new digital user buttons, which can be assigned just the same way, as the 6 hardware user buttons on the hand unit.

This easy and intuitive set-up will saves time on set, when assigning the most important features to quick access buttons. 

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Chinese user interface

A new Chinese user interface is now available for cPRO and cPRO ONE.  

The complete menu structure, from basic set-up to the sophisticated Cinefade VariND, is now also easy to navigate in Chinese.

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Go to downloads and click on the cPRO tab and download the cPRO software 2.2. For more information on the update procedure, please click on the info button in the download section.

camera control is coming:

Software release info for software update 3.0 - available from September 2019

Software release 3.0 will bring full camera control to RED and ARRI cameras. An optional license will be available for each manufacturer from September 2019. 

Feature preview:

Camera control for ARRI and RED cameras: 


  • Frame Rate

  • Shutter Angle

  • ISO

  • White Balance

  • ND Filter (if available)

  • Playback (multiple clips)

  • 6 camera user buttons (all camera features which can be assigned to a user button)

License pricing:

  • RED        € 280.-

  • ARRI       € 480.-


For cPRO and cPRO ONE, from September 2019