cPRO software release 2.0

feature overview

A new software release is now available for the cPRO lens control system, adding new exciting features like Network function (multi hand unit control), Cinefade support, control and motor limits for both knob and slider and 4th axis control through the thumbwheel.

Go to downloads and click on the cPRO tab and download the cPRO software 2.0. For more information on the update procedure, please click on the info button in the download section.

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New Features:

Network function (multi hand unit control)

The new added network function enables multiple hand units to communicate to one cPRO motor or cPRO camin. On many big productions, it is necessary to pass the iris control to the Director or DIT. With the network functionality 2 cPRO hand units can communicate with one cPRO motor or camin.


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Cinefade support

Cinefade is now shipping worldwide and is fully compatible with the cPRO system. The Cinefade is a unique cinematic tool which lets you vary depth of field in a single shot while maintaining a constant exposure. It can also be used as a RotaPolar or a VariND filter to control reflections and light on the fly. The combination of cPRO and cmotion Cinefade allows you to expand your creativity on set.

find out more about the Cinefade 

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Control limits

The control limit is the second of three limit functions. It limits the travel of the knob or slider while maintaining full rotation of the lens. Great for long but quick focus pulls and a sudden dramatic iris rack.

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Motor limits

Motor limits limit the rotation of the lens motor while maintaining full range on the knob or slider. Ideal for macro shots or fine/shallow focus pulls.

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4th axis control

To make the cPRO hand unit fully compatible with all features which Cinefade has to offer, we opened the LBUS protocol to allow 4th axis control. The thumbwheel on the cPRO hand unit can now be assigned to control any 4th axis motor through the LBUS protocol.

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Overview - released features

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Planned features:

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