Back in focus

How can cmotion help get YOU back to work safely?

Extended wireless network: 

cPRO LCS allows up to 3 separate cPRO / cPRO ONE wireless hand units to connect within the same wireless network. This will allow the AC to share control of motors, Cinefade VariND and camera control between the AC, DP and DIT.  Alternatively, a cPRO camin can take the place of 1 hand unit to add any LBUS device; pan-bar zoom, master grip, OCU-1 etc. to the cPRO wireless network.

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Wireless camera control:

 cPRO LCS offers advanced camera control for ARRI, RED and SONY cameras direct from the hand unit. Although the user interface is the same for all cameras, the functionality does vary from camera to camera. This allows the AC, DP or DIT to view or change camera settings or playback clips direct from their individual cPRO hand unit.

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ARRIREDSony Venice
ShutterShutterShutter (RCP mode)
White balanceWhite balanceWhite balance (RCP mode)
ND (internal)ND (internal)
Advanced PlaybackAdvanced PlaybackPlayback
User buttons (6)Userbuttons (4)

Wireless variable ND and Rota Pola:

Cinefade VariND is one stand out product that is really helping crews comply with new distance regulations on set. In addition to the Cinefade effect, Cinefade VariND offers a 180-degree Rota Pola and variable ND range of 0.4 to 2.7 (0.4 – 1.8 optical safe range). These can be controlled in steps or dynamically at a safe distance from the camera using a cPRO / cPRO ONE hand unit by either the AC, DP or DIT.

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Wireless measurement on set:

cvision focus assist is an optical measurement unit that uses 2 cameras to measure 250,000 reference points in real time. The image and data can then be displayed as a stereoscopic depth map on a touch PC (cabled or wireless) where the AC can not only activate autofocus but measure the set by simply touching an area on the screen with their finger or stylus. This eliminates the need to run around set with a tape measure (laser or otherwise) measuring distances to props and nervous actors. 

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Focus control - from home: 

Taking social distancing to the extreme, we are currently working “closely” with a production where the focus puller is effectively focus pulling from home. This has been made possible using the LAN interface through cmotion’s cworld.

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